Behind-the-Scenes Video: June 2018 Issue

Go behind the scenes with us when we recorded the June 2018 episode. Here, we discuss the South Carolina garage converted to a beach house, as featured in the June 2018 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine (page 60). But who is the unnamed man in the photoshoot? We also discuss a new product for our new as-yet-only-fantasized-about lifestyle brand inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James line.


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Video: June 2018 Recipe Testing


Everything’s coming up roses! At least, everything in Chef Tim’s kitchen as we try out a few recipes from the June 2018 issue. While on a quick Memorial Day weekend getaway to Provincetown, MA, we sampled the feature recipe from the Roses Parade article (page 134), the rose and pink peppercorn donut tea cakes. These moist, gently-flavored cakes have a cream cheese glaze and beautiful rose petal and peppercorn “sprinkles.” We also sipped on a rose syrup cocktail, juiced to the max with grapefruit juice and a healthy dose of vodka, of course. Check out the video on our YouTube channel and get a preview of our upcoming June 2018 episode, coming to your podcast feed soon.

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New Video: May Recipe Taste Testing

Rob mixes up a shaker full of the Tulip, our signature cocktail for May, as presented in the pages of the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. (We’re a little skeptical of how it’s going to taste, but we loved the rest of Elizabeth Moyer’s feature article, so we’re game to try it.) Next, we sample two broccoli stem (yes, stem!) dishes prepared by Tim, Rob’s partner, plus a Lemony Veggie Bruschetta–all recipes from the issue, of course! Have a watch as we try out new drinks and dishes before taping the latest episode of the show (which you can listen to here).

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