Tag For Love

Tag For Love: Crate & Barrel’s Spotlight On Women

The cover of the Spring 2019 Crate & Barrel print catalog.

Cohost J. here. As you know I’m a sucker for print so I get all excited when a new catalog arrives in the mail. And a Crate and Barrel catalog makes me a little excited in ways I can’t really get into here. So it was extra-special to have this one arrive earlier this week, with its spotlight on female Crate and Barrel employees in advance of International Women’s Day.

Inside spread. Not ironically, this photo was taken with the catalog resting on a C&B dining table and a bit of a C&B centerpiece saying hello in the upper left corner.

Not only was it great to see women highlighted in this way, we got to learn more about their styling and photo shoots–YES it’s on a totally designed set! –and the company–their co-founder was a woman!

The back cover.

To top it off (back it up?) the back cover spotlights their charitable work with VOW. They’ve also done work with Humble Design, an organization that provides home makeovers for low-income families–which would be my dream job, BTW.

So, bravo, C&B. I didn’t think I could love you more.

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