Show News

May Episode Coming Soon

Hello party people! It’s the last weekend in April and the new issue of BHG (May) arrived in our mailboxes late last week. (We’re not in on the advance copies YET. Email us, Stephen Orr.) We had to push our recording session off to this weekend, though, because we are both ultra-busy this time of year. However, we worked out what our signature cocktail will be (hint: it’s in the magazine!) and bought the ingredients.

IMG_7112We’ll do a live Instagram story before we record (because you want to see us drinking, right?), and we need to create some video content for our NEW YouTube channel and the social media sites.

Plus, we’re going to record some extra-special content for a mid-month bonus episode…because waiting a whole month to talk with you is just too long. So, lots more to come! In the meantime, tell us what you’re drinking to celebrate the arrival of spring (about effin’ time, yes?)!

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